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Under new SOLAS regulations, vessels over 500 gross tonnes must be fitted by 2018 with an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). As Owners and Managers select and install ECDIS hardware on board their vessels, they will also face the challenges of training their Officers to use these sophisticated navigation aids. When it comes to loading your ECDIS with data, help is at hand. Bogerd Martin has been a leader in the supply of electronic charts since their inception over 10 years ago. We’ll help you manage and select the right product, exactly when you need it. The process for managing a library of ENCs is very different from printed chart inventories.

Data is rented for a selected period and there are currently over 11,000 ENCs to choose from, compared to 3,500 printed charts. Ordering ENCs needs to be managed carefully so that costs don’t run out of control.
Bogerd Martin’s digital team is expertly trained in the intricacies of ENC licensing. They can help with the correct selection of electronic charts, be it for the voyage ahead or for pre-set routes that relate to each vessel’s current trading plan. Permits can be generated 24/7 at very short notice, making it easy for vessels to make last minute route changes and to receive the important navigational data they require. Chart Track Navigator provides useful on-board tools for managing and updating ENCs while at sea. Bogerd Martin also distributes electronic charts from Jeppesen C-Map and Primar. Alternatively ARCS raster charts published by the UKHO might be the right option for you. Depending on your specific requirements, we can advise you what is the best solution to fit our needs.

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