Chart track


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Taking Folio Management to the next level, Chart Track Navigator is the ultimate tool for managing inventories, orders and corrections on board ship.

A user-friendly computer programme, Chart Track Navigator enables your crew to list their inventory, to activate (or deactivate) geographical areas depending on their trading route, and to download vessel-specific Notices to Mariners and Tracings via e-mail. The crew will then be able to visualise their paper chart holdings on a digital catalogue and easily select charts they require for the coming voyage from that catalogue.

Chart Track Navigator integrates with Findaport® world port information so that users can simply click on a destination and find all the relevant information they need. Chart Track’s latest dynamic platform offers a scalable solution that will incorporate future functionality, including a Port Forms database, route planning, voyage preparation, weather information and more. Also included will be a full database of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) and easy-to-use functionality with which to manage permits, monitor validity and place orders for additional ENC cells.

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